Talent Development

Each year, the Governor's Office of State Planning and Budgeting (OSPB) hosts a Performance Management Academy. The Academy addresses ways to promote a culture of customer-focused operational excellence over six sessions. 

The Academy focuses on the following modules:

Topic Learning Objectives
Operational Excellence -Gain a better understanding of how to create a culture of operational excellence and identify barriers to operational excellence
Customer Focus -Gain deeper understanding of customer identification, prioritization and service delivery as a foundational component of your department’s mission, strategies, and outcomes
Strategic Planning

- Learn and be able to apply the elements of a high quality performance plan in your own planning process

-Understand the purpose of a mission statement, and how to connect this to the work you do

- Learn how to develop clear, achievable Strategic Policy Initiatives, how to translate these into action, and how to develop critical metrics so you know you are on the path to success
Operational Planning & Evaluation

- Understand how to move beyond the performance plan to develop and implement a system to manage performance and improve processes (i.e. put your plan into action)

- Learn about different evidence-based methods for evaluating performance
Lean Process Improvement

-Reconnect with Lean philosophy and clarify how it relates to performance mgmt. and accelerates improvement

- Build a familiarity with practical tools to increase the volume and quality of Lean activities, helping you move your agency to a culture of continuous improvement
Implementation & Culture

- Understand value of leadership at all levels in building a positive, performance focused culture

- Learn and be able to apply tools for communicating and implementing change throughout your organization

Access Academy Slides Here:

Does your department need support in any of these areas? Interested in learning more about the Academy? Contact us at gov_ospb@state.co.us | (303) 866-3317.