Public Safety

Department of Public Safety



Creating safer and more resilient communities across Colorado


Engaged employees working together to safeguard lives and provide diverse public safety services to local communities.


The Colorado Department of Public Safety (CDPS) comprises approximately 1,900 dedicated employees who are committed to providing excellent public safety services to local communities and people in Colorado. At CDPS, we understand that when we collaborate with our partners, listen to our customers, and support our employees, we make Colorado Safer Together.

The operating divisions of CDPS are:

For more than 50 years, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has provided exceptional support to Colorado residents and public safety organizations across the state. The dedicated CBI team has offered assistance through comprehensive criminal investigations, scientific testing in its internationally accredited forensic laboratories, and through the management of millions of criminal justice records.

The Colorado State Patrol ensures a safe environment by providing professional law enforcement services that reflect honor, duty, and respect. Through high-visibility, strict enforcement, maximum resource deployment, and community education, CSP promotes safety, protects lives, and preserves state highways

The Division of Criminal Justice (DCJ) provides services to crime victims, conducts criminal justice research and analysis, and supports the management of offenders. DCJ’s range of statutory charges includes technical assistance, grants management, data collection and reporting, victim assistance, and the creation of standards for community corrections, sex offender management, and domestic violence offender management.

The Division of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC) safeguards the lives of those who live, work, learn and play in Colorado by reducing fire threats to people, property and the environment.

The Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM) provides leadership to Colorado communities to prevent, mitigate, respond to, and recover from all-hazard events including natural disasters and human acts. DHSEM was created in 2012 to consolidate homeland security and emergency management functions that were previously located in multiple state agencies. In 2017 and 2018, the Division engaged stakeholders througout Colorado to determine their needs and the best way for DHSEM to support local communities. Based on customer, partner and community feedback, DHSEM underwent a reorganization; its offices and units now include: Division Director's Office, Office of Emergency Management, Office of Grants Management, and the Office of Security and Prevention- Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC). 

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