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Colorado Rises: Master Plan Dashboard: The recently released statewide master plan for postsecondary education, Colorado Rises: Advancing Education and Talent Development, promotes a statewide attainment goal of 66% by 2025. Embedded in the plan are four strategic goals along with a list of complementary performance measures designed to track annual progress. The dashboard below reflects statewide performance to date as well as the performance of Colorado’s public postsecondary institutions toward the Master Plan goals. Information displayed on the dashboard is measured from 2012 to present, to reflect performance on key measures since the statewide attainment goal was originally set in that year.

2022 Master Plan: The Colorado Commission on Higher Education is working on a new strategic plan for higher education, with a draft available by December 2022.

2017 Master Plan: This periodic plan presents a meaningful vision of, and outline for, practicable, measurable activities to examine the postsecondary needs of Colorado and coordinate policies that benefit students enrolled at all institutions.

2012 Master Plan


Annual Performance Reports: 

These annual Performance Report discuss the connection between reporting requirements set forth by the SMART Act and the higher education performance funding allocation formula (HB 14-1319), and provides an update on the implementation of this formula and the Department's work on the Completion Agenda.​

Other Reports: