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2022 Strategic Plan: The Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) and Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) released a new statewide plan focused on advancing the economic mobility of Colorado's learners and earners by aligning postsecondary talent development with industry and statewide needs. Building Skills in an Evolving Economy sets a bold vision to increase the number of learners not being served by our postsecondary ecosystem by offering those students a path forward. The plan prioritizes educational pathways that are economically viable - those that lower costs for students, invest in proven learner support programs and increase collaboration with employers. 

Strategic Plan Dashboard: To measure progress towards our Strategic Plan goals, CCHE and CDHE will continue to develop more robust statewide data systems and measures of success (as supported by HB22-1349). While those data systems are being developed and new measures of student postsecondary and workforce success are set, CDHE is required to report on various measures outlines in the previous Strategic Plan (pursuant to CRS 23-1-108 (1.5)(f)). 

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Annual Performance Reports: 

These annual Performance Report discuss the connection between reporting requirements set forth by the SMART Act and the higher education performance funding allocation formula (HB 14-1319), and provides an update on the implementation of this formula and the Department's work on the Completion Agenda.‚Äč

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