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The Department of Health Care Policy and Financing is the federally designated Single State Agency to receive Medicaid funding from the federal government for administration or supervision of Colorado’s Medicaid program. To receive federal financial participation, the Department is responsible for the provision of health care services to persons who qualify as categorically needy under Title XIX of the Social Security Act. The Department also receives Child Health Insurance Program (Title XXI) funding from the federal government for the Children’s Basic Health Plan, marketed as Child Health Plan Plus or CHP+. CHP+ provides basic health insurance coverage for uninsured children and pregnant women of low-income families. Most of the Department’s programs are funded in part by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which provides roughly 60% of the Department’s Medicaid budget and 65% of the funding for the Children’s Basic Health Plan. The Department also provides health care policy leadership for the State’s Executive Branch. In addition to the Medicaid program and CHP+, the Department administers the following programs: 

  • The Old Age Pension State Medical Program provides limited medical care for individuals eligible for Old Age Pension grants. 
  • The Colorado Indigent Care Program distributes federal and state funds to partially compensate qualified health care providers for uncompensated costs associated with services rendered to the indigent population. 
  • The School Health Services Program provides reimbursement to qualified school districts that provide health services to children enrolled in Medicaid.
  • The Primary Care Fund, which is funded by taxes on tobacco products, provides an allocation of moneys to health care providers that provide basic health care services in an outpatient setting to residents of Colorado who are considered medically indigent. The statutory authority for the Department can be found at Title 25.5 of the Colorado Revised Statutes.

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