Department of the Treasury

CO State Seal


The Colorado State Treasury is the constitutional custodian of the public’s funds. It is the Treasury’s duty to manage and account for the citizens’ tax dollars from the time they are received until the time they are disbursed. The Treasury’s staff is committed to safeguarding and managing the people’s monies with the same diligence and care as they do their own.The mission of the Unclaimed Property section is to reunite all owners (or heirs) with the unclaimed property.


The Colorado State Treasury staff will continually strive to better serve the citizens of Colorado. Central to this goal is the continued introduction and use of new technologies to provide improved access to services for both citizens and other governmental agencies.


The State Treasurer and his staff serve the citizens of Colorado by providing banking, investment, and accounting services for all funds and assets deposited in the Treasury. By continually optimizing cash flows and maximizing yield on the state's investments, The Treasurer plays an important role in helping to minimize the tax burden on Coloradans.

The Department of the Treasury is organized into five different operating sections: Accounting, Investments, Cash Management, and Administration. The Treasurer is also responsible for managing the state's unclaimed property division - The Great Colorado Payback.

Performance Plans