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To empower state agencies to build a culture of operational excellence and bold innovation driven by continuous performance improvement.


Coloradans experience state government that is relevant, responsive, and bold.


Tony Gherardini, Director of Operations & Cabinet Affairs

Tony Gherardini is the Director of Operations and Cabinet Affairs in the Colorado Governor’s Office. In this role he serves as the chief operating officer of the State, oversees statewide performance management and works with the Governor’s Chief of Staff to manage the Governor’s Cabinet. Previously, Tony worked as the Deputy Executive Director of Operations for the Colorado Department of Human Services. In this role, he  supported the Executive Director and oversaw internal support services and direct services provided by the Department. These direct services include the Colorado Division of Youth Services, the state Mental Health Institutes, the State’s Regional Center System, and the state's Veterans Community Living Centers. Prior to being appointed to this role, Tony served in multiple roles within the Department of Human Services.

Before working for the State of Colorado, Tony served with the US. Army in Afghanistan, and worked as a Detective for the Lakewood, CO Police Department. Tony is a 2017 Aspen Institute Children and Families Ascend Fellow, and is a former member of the Colorado Commission for Criminal and Juvenile Justice. Tony holds a master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Colorado Denver, and a bachelor's degree in political science from Colorado State University.

Heather Velasquez, Deputy Director of Operations & Cabinet Affairs

Heather Velasquez is the Deputy Director of Operations and Cabinet Affairs in the Colorado Governor’s Office. In this role she works with the chief operating officer of the State to oversee statewide performance management. Previously, Heather worked in various roles at the Colorado Department of Human Services Executive Director’s Office.

Before beginning work within state government in 2017, Heather worked in education and as a contracted financial accountant in the private sector. Heather is an alumna of the University of Colorado Boulder, Leeds School of Business where she majored in both finance and marketing.


Hana Sayeed, Operations Manager

Hana is a passionate problem solver with strong communications skills and six years of experience in public and private sectors helping teams develop systems to identify key business goals, develop strategies to achieve them, and drive measurable results for customers. Hana works with state agencies to improve internal processes and leverage data for strategic planning.  

Hana lives in Denver and spends her free time hiking, skiing, and chasing after her dog, Kaya. 

Dustin Homan, Operations Advisor

After graduating from West Point in 2014, Dustin spent 5 years on active duty as an artillery officer in the Army. Though he loved his time in uniform, he was often times frustrated by the bureaucracy and the inability to make simple, impactful changes. He cares deeply for improving how things are done. He envisions a state government that functions by constantly providing value to all Coloradans.


Stephanie Bennett, Operations Advisor

An enthusiastic advocate for authentic government-constituent interaction, Stephanie has worked previously for the City and County of Denver and State of Tennessee. She enjoys problem solving and streamlining processes at all levels, and working with colleagues to identify solutions to complex issues.

She earned a master's degree in Public Health from the Colorado School of Public Health, and a bachelor's degree in English from Hanover College. Outside of work, Stephanie can usually be found outdoors and most likely with her dogs.


Megan Collignon, Executive Assistant

Megan works as the Executive Assistant for the Operations and Policy teams in the Colorado Governor’s Office. She previously served as the Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff to Governor Hickenlooper. Megan is passionate about the functions of government and loves working for a Governor who prioritizes making Colorado a better place for all. 

Megan graduated with a degree in Political Science from the University of Colorado Denver and when she’s not working, Megan can be found adventuring around Colorado with her dog Wilson.